Weirdest Post Ever (not really)

Things like National Geographic’s “Ten Weirdest New Animals of 2010” always seem like a mixed bag, to me. It’s definitely great to promote public awareness of new species, but any list is going to be at least somewhat biased (admittedly, this particular list doesn’t limit itself to the cute and the furry — between the […]


I don’t know why, but I actually feel good about having only seen 10 of the things on this “Definitive List of the 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced on the Internet Unless You’re a Loser or Old or Something.” Admittedly, the 10 I’ve seen were pretty good.  (Well, eight of them.  Well, seven.) […]

You Know You Want More

Reading: read (most of) Kelly Link’s Magic For Beginners online, for free, legitimately!  (And then read an interview with her at Meeting House Mag.)  [via Bookslut] Watching: watch Stalker, online.  It’s a movie by the guy who did the good Solaris.  What’s not to like? [via Warren Ellis] Listening: all about con men.  And by […]

Strangely, ‘Left Behind’ isn’t

The top 10 most discarded books in hotel rooms 1. The Blair Years by Alastair Campbell 2. Don’t You Know Who I Am? by Piers Morgan 3. A Whole New World by Jordan 4. Wicked by Jilly Cooper 5. Dr Who Creatures & Demons by Justin Richard 6. The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown 7. […]

Things That Are Ridiculous

Two words: Velociraptor Safari The stillness Fears of the end of the universe Prosthetic legs with secret iguana-smuggling compartments Bikinis cultivate impatience, in more ways than you might expect

Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age

…or when they were whatever age it is you put into the form. Some of it depressing, as you’d expect, in that it lists the enormous accomplishments by Historical Figures and Celebrities in their youth(s). Other bits are comical, such as the following two pieces, from which I can hardly pick a favorite: Jan Birkeland […]

Number what?

Washington Monthly digs into the omnipresent US News & World Report College Rankings, turning them inside-out and upside-down and everything. WM re-orders the list based on things like national service, research grants & student aid, and so forth. Unsurprisingly, US News & WR’s list is flip-flopped a bit, with some top-ranked schools sinking to the […]

More 2005 lists

A bit past-due, I realize.  But worth perusing.  A list-of-lists, Fimoculous compiles links to lists of practically everything, best, worst, or otherwise.  Top 10 kitchen utensils of 2005, 100 most annoying things, best serial dramas, best i-pod accessories… it’s all there.  And more.

Things you didn’t know

…last year, at this time; a list of 100 things, put out by BBC News Magazine. A sampling: Baboons can tell the difference between English and French. Zoo keepers at Port Lympne wild animal park in Kent are having to learn French to communicate with the baboons which had been transferred from Paris zoo. (#7) […]

Bestselling Books 1950-1998

Not totally up-to-date as far as the more recent years go (e.g., 2002), but interesting for the historical content, or something like that.  1981’s bestselling novel was by James Clavell, and the bestselling non-fiction book was a diet book.  1919’s bestselling novel was The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, by V. Blasco Ibanez (which, if […]