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An anti-coal advertisement by the Coen Brothers

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Batman v. Borges

Although, really, it’s not a contest.  Collaboration, maybe.  Curious, definitely: The thesis pursued in this article is that this strong thematic aspect of The Dark Knight finds its roots in a short story by the labyrinthine Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. (via monochrom)

Seen and Heard, 2008

In lieu of a numbered list, here you’ll find a bulleted list — well, several of them — covering my favorite books and movies of 2008.  And, because I’m slow, a goodly number of them will be of items released before 2008.  But that’s when I saw them.  So there.  Enjoy! In Theaters: Let The […]

So little time…

…so much Ninja Terminator! (via BeaucoupKevin(dot)com)

Zombie Chart

via io9, a graphic showing the steady-ish uptick in the frequency of zombie movies, and “mapping” it (very roughty) to incidences of war (click below for a larger image): Correlation not being correlation, blah blah blah, everything else aside, it’s still a fun chart. (via io9)

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

(2008) dir Guillermo del Toro – w/ Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, Doug Jones & Doug Jones, James Dodd, Jeffrey Tambor, Anna Walton, Briane Steele, and John Hurt.  Why did Mr. Wink have to be Evil! Synopsis: Evil elvy-type wants to take back earth from greedy, selfish humans.  Wants to do so through battle.  […]


(2005) dir Paul Tarantino – w/ Benjamin John Carillo as would-be upwardly mobile insurance agent, Mark Aiken as Dougie, Kristi Clainos as Sarah, and Ralph Lister as, apparently, “The Man”.  I don’t really remember who that might be. Synopsis: A happy office drone wants a little more out of his workplace environment, and feels he […]

Bon Voyage

(2003) dir Jean-Paul Rappeneau – w/ Isabelle Adjani, Virginie Ledoyen, Gerard Depardieu, Yvan Attal, Peter Coyote, and Gregori Derangere as the hapless writer.  Starring some jugs of water as Heavy Water. Synopsis: A scientist and his assistants, an actress, a writer framed for murder and his fellow escapee, a minister… and of course a Nazi […]

Birds of the West Indies

I always knew there was a secret reason for my liking James Bond. Secret reason: James Bond was an ornithologist.  And Ian Fleming enjoyed birding. Perfect! (Although I realize this may already be semi-common knowledge that I’ve merely evaded up to this point.) (via a silly list in The Atlantic)