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Useful information

Similar in usefulness to Professor James Duane’s talk on why you should never talk to the police, Max Brooks talks about how to survive a zombie uprising:

Zombie Chart

via io9, a graphic showing the steady-ish uptick in the frequency of zombie movies, and “mapping” it (very roughty) to incidences of war (click below for a larger image): Correlation not being correlation, blah blah blah, everything else aside, it’s still a fun chart. (via io9)


(2005) dir Paul Tarantino – w/ Benjamin John Carillo as would-be upwardly mobile insurance agent, Mark Aiken as Dougie, Kristi Clainos as Sarah, and Ralph Lister as, apparently, “The Man”.  I don’t really remember who that might be. Synopsis: A happy office drone wants a little more out of his workplace environment, and feels he […]

Think you can fend off a zombie invasion?

Try your hand at a choose-your-own-adventure style zombie movie, online. I don’t know how long it actually can go, what with dying after 3 minutes.  Eh. (via MeFi)


(2000) dir. Ryuhei Kitamura – w/ Tak Sakaguchi as Prisoner KSC2-303, and a bunch of other folks as random, ominous-sounding figures (e.g., “Motorcycle-riding yakuza with revolver,” and “Yakuza zombie in alligator-skin coat”). But you didn’t watch this for the characters. Yet. Synopsis: Really?  Synopsis? Review: Open with a bunch of– Oh, come off it.  The […]

I Am Legend

I’d always assumed the criteria were loose (at best), but I didn’t realize that the only necessary condition of stating that a movie is “Based On” the book is a cursory glance at the book’s cover and a $150 million budget. No, really; that’s it. And I know “the book” is traditionally supposed to be […]