Favorite Delillo Books

Okay, I confess: this list is intended to replace actual thought. It’s a substitute for a well-constructed argument, it’s a distraction to divert attention away from the lack of substantive ideas. But here it is: my Favorite DeLillo Books

  1. Underworld;
    The Names;
    White Noise
  2. Americana
  3. Libra
  4. Mao II
  5. Players
  6. End Zone
  7. Running Dog
  8. The Body Artist

There is little rhyme or reason to it. Body Artist is my least favorite DeLillo book, relegating it to the bottom of this wretched excuse for a list, but it’s still good. Running Dog comes next. It’s not spectacular. It’s not epic. How I initially stumbled on DeLillo is, I was reading the dust jacket of a book. It may have been Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby, but I wouldn’t bet more than $5 on that. The dust jacket told me that Chuck is the next generation’s DeLillo. I had no idea who DeLillo was. An author, I assumed. For no apparent reason and without any background to guide me, I dove into Running Dog. I liked it. I sought out other books by this ‘DeLillo’ and continued to be pleased by them. And now I am able to fill up space with a list such as this one: my favorite books by DeLillo. So there you have it. Are you distracted yet?