In which the phrase “Hemingway look-alike” comes up in totally the wrong context

Yeah, I was surprised, too.

A trailing headline at the foot of an article on the Book Standard boldly shouted “Florida man wins Hemingway look-alike contest”.  Except that the link is defunct, and doesn’t actually lead to an article describing the contest in all its certain hilarity.

So I did a search on Yahoo! News… and came across not an article on a Hemingway look-alike contest (of which there are at least a few, apparently), but an article on a group of folks in Florida being paid big bucks for their land by would-be developers.  You’re wondering, of course, where all this is going.


One of the new Briny millionaires is Tom Byrne… whose salt-and-pepper beard and barrel chest make him a sure winner in any Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest…