Killing Zoe

(1994) dir. Roger Avery – w/ Eric Stolz, Julie Delpy, Jean-Hughes Anglade, and a bunch of wholly insignificant figures, most of whom die (particularly one who plays a stupid American)

Synopsis: A bank-heist in France. You know how it is: one last job before everyone buys his own private island, resting in the lap of luxury, etc. Surprise, something goes wrong! Imagine that.

Review: Not exactly a standard-issue heist film. Sure, things go wrong. Sure, there are a number of standard-issue heist film elements. Fortunately for this movie (and for you), things go wrong in sometimes unexpected ways, and the outcome is never entirely certain. Also, there are interesting detours and digressions that the film takes; interesting side-conversations and the like. Drugs, sex, and violence are prominent. The violence especially so, in fact; you could probably cue in on this by realizing that the director, one Roger Avery, also happens to have co-written Pulp Fiction (which is still vastly, vastly better than Killing Zoe. Sorry, but it just is.). All in all, KZ is mildly to moderately refreshingly different, if sometimes poorly done and aimless. Yeah.

Rating: [•••] out of [•••••]

Etc.: US Gross $418,953; imdb info