(2002) Godfrey Reggio

Synopsis: None. (Well, okay: it’s a kind of video montage of images, sounds, and ideas—a kind of heavy-handed, plotless documentary of sorts) Title translates into “Life as War.”

Review: First let me say that Koyaanisqatsi, the first of the trilogy that Noqoyqatsi finishes, is an excellent, excellent movie. Second, let me say that trilogies set a bad precedent, forcing poor hapless makers-of-movies to feel compelled to produce three movies when all they really have in them is one or two. Naqoyqatsi has a few good parts. It’s probably not worth watching the movie to try to find them. In fact, it’s almost certainly not worth it; go see Koyaanisqatsi instead (and by “go see,” what I mean is “go rent,” or “go find”). “Life as War” seems to be a topic that could be tackled fairly easily; unfortunately, this movie does a terrible job of making its point.

Rating: [••½] out of [•••••]

Money Stuff: US Gross $132,026