What Happened, Is

You know how it is when you write something, some kind of journalish thing on a piece of paper, that, in a matter of months becomes completely incomprehensible?

traveling allows you to be abstracted from the landscape you’re an anomalous critter. …you don’t know what item doesn’t fit, because you don’t understand enough about the context… :: Brooms are popular; two have walked past in the last five (?) minutes, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the same Broom twice. rocketships, there have been none. … I really am seaweed. Do I need to be ground up and mixed in with toothpaste?

also, den ersten tag, nicht als [wie] erwartet. um viertel vor zehn habe ich D telefoniert, und dann viertel nach zehn habe ich “auscheckiert” [abgereist]. ich habe etwas gegessen, orangensaft getrunken. usw. was geschah, ist,”

Ed: [so, the first day, not as expected. at 9:45 I called D, and then at 10:45 I checked out. I ate something, drank some orange juice. etc. what happened, is,]