750 words

I tend to try out lots of webapps, only to abandon them in the space of 30 seconds after it becomes evident they’re trying to do too many things I don’t actually care about (and not doing them particularly well, either).  750 words does not fall into that category. Billed as a sort of writer’s […]

Cleaning House (Rundown)

It turns out computers can figure out what language you’re speaking without actually hearing you.  In at least some controlled circumstances, anyway.  (NewScientist, via Monochrom) “Astonishingly”, (1) people forget their passwords all the time, but (2) the ever-helpful “secret” “questions” are not really either — at least, not as far as security is concerned. If […]

Language, linguistics, lovely

A sort of extraordinary exercise in control of voice and facial expressions, in the form of a Judy Garland impression, of all things. From the ever-impressive Amy Walker: Related to something I could have sworn I’d posted previously, but apparently haven’t: 21 accents in 2 1/2 minutes. (via BoingBoing)

A different glance going westdown

Tell you like this. Play a card. Write you home on the car. Coin for your hearts. I was once you. At a different dinner. Where you went. I remember Yui. We played horses. You will die.

They End With Horses

Everyone wanted to watch through hushed windows, through closed blinds; wanted a glance at that thing rolling down the street before it was dusty artefact of history and importance – but not too much of a look. The future of the parade. And the last one, probably. Millions of people watching, cheering, drinking. More, less. […]

Our ledere

I keep forgetting about this.  And it makes me happy, each time I remember. Excerpt from the Prowl Log: The ryghte hande man to Optimus Prime was speciale agente Jazz, who time after time displayed a penchaunte for flayre and daring, even when certayne defete was staring him ryghte in his unflynching opticale visor (whyche […]

Endearing and true

Well, I made up the second part. I enjoy a read over by Tawny Grammar (formerly One Pot Meal) once in a while, and this piece reminded me why. I thought I’d packed a kiwifruit in my lunch, but I guess it was really a wikifruit because just as I was about to slice and eat it a stranger […]

The Whole World Is Dark and Funny

“The whole world is dark and funny since the sky melted. I know you know, but there are some what don’t. A man, a famous case—it was on the news, they made a movie about it, or a documentary—thought he was sleep-walking, that the sun never came up ever again.”

This Is Not a Robbery

0. / 5. First of all / The End. The feeling in the pit of my stomach, working its uneasy way to my throat, wasn’t from some glance at mortality. Part of it may have been the terrible omelet I’d eaten for breakfast, but even that didn’t cover the entirety of the feeling. The feeling […]

The things we need, they are not like things

The cover story1 of the July/August edition of The Atlantic hits an interesting note, if one that’s hit with a fair amount of frequency (if not depth). One of the points is that the way our tools2 process information affects the way we process information. Which should be obvious enough, but isn’t always. The article’s […]