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750 words

I tend to try out lots of webapps, only to abandon them in the space of 30 seconds after it becomes evident they’re trying to do too many things I don’t actually care about (and not doing them particularly well, either).  750 words does not fall into that category. Billed as a sort of writer’s […]

It’s like Speed!

The movie, that is.  But with… um… a keyboard instead of a bus.  And on the plus side, no Keanu Reeves.  “Write or Die,” it’s called.  It’s a webapp that tries to provide some manner of motivation for all writers who struggle with the whole word-count thing, and getting distracted, and– –ooh, look, vintage poison […]

Endearing and true

Well, I made up the second part. I enjoy a read over by Tawny Grammar (formerly One Pot Meal) once in a while, and this piece reminded me why. I thought I’d packed a kiwifruit in my lunch, but I guess it was really a wikifruit because just as I was about to slice and eat it a stranger […]