Pee on us, it’s good for business!

Margaret D. Tutwiler, promoter of US image abroad, leaves her post for a Wall-Street job, dealing a blow to hopes of softening up America’s image in the Middle East; maybe we could advertise the USA on urinals.

You think I’m joking?

Well, with a winking, blinking urinal… who knows what good we might do at promoting USA values. Like, good old-fashioned commercial values.

(Seriously, talking urinals? As they say—WTF? Here’s a quote for the article, just to give you a small flavor for how ridiculous it is:

“Beginning with early attempts at writing one’s name in the snow, there has always been an element or recreation associated with urination for men,” says bio-engineer Dr. Richard Deutsch, who invented and patented the interactive, plastic deodorizing unit for Wizmark. “Now when nature calls there is going to be something entertaining to look at and listen to.”

I mean, Wizmark? Entertaining? My mind is seriously boggled by this new venture in advertising. Not that I’m necessarily surprised, but urinals??)

(via NYTimes: “Promoter of U.S. Image Quits for Wall St. Job” by Christopher Marquis [April 30, 2004]; and PR Newswire: “New Talking, Winking and Blinking Ad Vehicle for Urinals Offers Unique Way to Reach Men about Consumer Products, Sports or Public Services Messages” [April 29, 2004] via PRBop)