Rundown: Conservatives, plate-glass windows, coke, and blood pudding

  • The Center for American Progress has a nifty new database that’s basically a compendium of the blatant lies and distortions made by conservatives. It’s well-referenced and searchable by category, though quite frankly it would be better yet if it were non-partisan (and charted the erroneous claims and lies of all public officials. Still, it’s a nice reference.
  • In a sligtly more lighthearted vein, Intuitor Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics charts the lies and distortions of cinema in, you guessed it, physics. It’s very detailed, and reviews not only specific movies, but also the more generic flavor of bad physics that inhabits movies in general, e.g., flashing bullets and bloodless tumbles through plate-glass windows. (via BoingBoing)
  • Meds for multiple sclerosis might help treat cocaine addiction? Curious.
  • Literary holiday ‘Bloomsday’ becomes real-life fry-up. In a breakfast drawn from James Joyce’s Ulysses, 50 cooks will fry up 25,000 pork sausages, 20,000 pigs’ kidneys, 12,500 bacon rashers, and also serve 20,000 blood puddings, 15,000 bread rolls, 10,000 tomatoes and 500 kg (1,100 pounds) of butter. Yum. (Not only that, but they’re serving it for free to an estimated 10,000 people.) It’s June 13, FYI.