Rundown, In Brief

* * *

Sources & additional commentary-type crap:

  1. NYT: “A Death in the Box,” by Mary Beth Pfeiffer [October 31, 2004] – Above and beyond this startling factoid, the article is worth a read. While it approaches the subject through the story of one woman, it is by no means a straightforward case-study/human interest type article.
  2. Morphases – Go see it—you get to play with faces; it’s fun. (Though shouldn’t that be Morfaces?)
  3. Science Blog: “Humans and dolphins: If brain size is a measure, we’re not that different” – Human brains are 7 times larger than you’d expect, based on comparisons to similar-sized animals. For dolphins, it’s 5 times.
  4. with pictures, and English translations alongside the original German. Good fun. (link via MeFi)
  5. type in a word, find cliched substitutions.
  6. CalTech News: “The End of the Age of Oil,” by David Goodstein – adapted from talk
  7. Actually, don’t send me your brain. But feel free to check out the New York Brain Bank’s recommended procedure for packing and sending a fresh brain. And yes, the instructions do say “fresh” brain. That’s what the Ziploc bags are for, I guess—keeping the brain(s) fresh. Mmm. Fresh brain. (link via BoingBoing)
  8. NYT: “What Wal-Mart Knows About Customers’ Habits,” by Constance Hays [November 14, 2004] – As a matter-of-fact, it’s a database. And Wal-Mart’s checking it waaay more than twice.
  9. Double-Tongued Word Wrester defines “woobie” as

    a security blanket; a blankie; a favorite toy or object. Also wooby.

  10. The pictures that define the times.