Walkable goodness

The American Podiatric Medical Association ranks the top 10 walker-friendly (U.S.) cities. And they should know.1

  1. Arlington, VA
  2. San Francisco, CA
  3. Seattle, WA
  4. Portland, OR
  5. Boston, MA
  6. Washington, D.C.
  7. NYC
  8. Eugene, OR
  9. Jersey City, NJ
  10. Denver, CO

The list includes links to lots of other info, including stretches for exercise walkers, a true-or-false walking quiz (true!), and a handy-dandy FAQ.

1 …although the 2004 list does look strikingly different from the 2005 list, potentially indicating that the list is (surprise!) fairly arbitrary, even if the cities included on it are good walkin’ cities.