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  1. me

     /  March 25, 2004

    this book sucks. actually, it looks kind of good. maybe i’ll consider buying it. but i’m in the middle of Che Guevera’s bio, which is fairly huge, so it might be a while. this website has more to offer than i remember. if you are getting more hits than usual, it may be be thanks to “me.”

    hey, ever heard of the movie “the american astronaut.” saw it the other day. very strange hybrid of sci-fi, rockabilly, and 50s nostalgia/parody.

  2. It is simply absurd to maintain that there are only 20-30 people in the UK who are animal rights extremists. There are clearly far more than that.

    Moreover, your analysis that blames the victim (“as long as VARE and its kin continue with the presumtion [sic] that vivisection . . . is de facto ethically legitimate and good … there are doubtless going to be problems with extremism….”)

  3. Thanks for your comment. It wasn’t my intention to give the impression that I have anything resembling a comprehensive understanding of the animal rights situation in the UK, because I don’t.

    At any rate, any estimate of the number of extremists is going to depend on a number of factors, one of those factors being how you define extremists. Looking back at the NewScientist article, the police say that there are only 20 to 30 people responsible for the “most extreme” of the acts, which I’ll admit doesn’t necessarily translate into there being only 20 to 30 extremists. What it does mean, however, is that (if you accept the police’s estimation) there are only 20 to 30 people directly responsible for the most clearly criminal acts, other people doubtless being indirectly involved.

    Additionally, my rather cursory analysis—again, not based on a whole lot of personal experience, but on the articles cited—gives the issue much less than is due. The main point I was trying to make, which I could have done much better given more time and thought, was that both sides, the extremists and the scientists, could ease matters by abandoning their hardcore stance (or at least agreeing to some kind of ‘cease fire’) and entering into civil debate. (Although it’s my understanding that the majority of actors on both sides are moving toward this kind of civil debate.)

  4. I laughed and am intrigued. I certainly wish they’d do it over here, I could use the cash.

    From the country that brought us crop circles…

  5. I guess it all depends what the rest of the Penguin Group thinks of the whole good booking thing…

  6. These are by no means the top 25 US cities for sustainable policies, programs and performance: 25 cities was total sample in study, so these cities are ranked relative to one another. Cities that were not included may rank higher than these cities (not likely as this list includes most known major city green leaders), lower or somewhere in between.

  7. AWM

     /  June 25, 2008

    Your banner right now is amazing.

  8. AWM

     /  June 25, 2008

    Wow, I am bad at leaving comments, or really good at it, since I just left it twice. I meant it though.

  9. Love it.


  10. Woo-hoo!! Thanks 🙂

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